Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

A Professional Organizer is someone who helps individuals, families, and businesses achieve their organizing needs and goals. This is done through guidance, consulting, educating, and hands-on support in a non-judgmental, confidential manner.  Our aim is to support you in transforming your home or office into a tidy, functional space allowing you to have straightforward and efficient daily routines.  Some Professional Organizers specialize in certain spaces or systems (home, office, moving, efficiency, photos, etc.) or with specific populations (ADHD, seniors, chronically disorganized, etc.).

At the In-home Assessment, we’ll walk through your home and discuss each room, examining its function, your needs, and any stress the clutter causes you. While the garage might look the worst, a well-used space like a mudroom, might be a better place to start. If a tidy, calm bedroom that would help you feel rested is important, we might begin there. Together we’ll evaluate your spaces and determine the best place to start.

It’s OK, your mess won’t scare or surprise us. We pride ourselves on remaining non-judgemental and compassionate throughout the process. We’re here to help you.   

No, definitely not! Through a series of questions, we’ll help you assess your possessions and decide how to initially categorize them (keep, sell, give, donate, dispose). The final decision is always yours.

Each project and client are unique. The time needed to organize a space will depend on the size of the space, how cluttered it is, and your motivation level. Generally, smaller, less cluttered areas (closet, small pantry, or mudroom) take about 3-4 hours. Larger, more complex areas, or heavily cluttered areas like kitchens, garages, or home offices will take longer.

Yes, we’d be happy to shop for the perfect containers, baskets, etc., whatever you need for your project. A shopping fee may apply based on the complexity of your requirements but there is no mark-up on the supplies.

With your permission, we would love to take before and after photos. It can be very fulfilling for you to see the transformation! Photos will not be posted on our website or social media without your written permission.

We bill by the hour but we offer multi-hour packages at a reduced fee. Some clients want someone to help them get started and then finish themselves while others prefer to work with an organizer for the complete project. Both options are available. Please refer to the Pricing section for more details. 

Yes, but it’s important to make sure that the receiver is receptive to the idea first. Organizing sessions will only be productive if the client is motivated and ready to get organized.

Yes, we are covered by Commercial General Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance.