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Why Should I Live an Organized Life?
Someday Items!

Why Should I Live an Organized Life?

There are so many amazing benefits to living an organized life; more time, more space, saving money, and less stress, are just a few. If you answer Yes to any of our questions, consider hiring a Professional Organizer to help you declutter and find your calm. We would love to help you on your organizing journey!


Do you spend hours looking for your favourite t-shirt or an important document?

Do you constantly feel like you are tidying but not making any progress? Less visual clutter and organized systems allow you to quickly and easily find things, saving you precious time, and allowing you to be more productive. Let us help you create an organized, functional home or office space. 


Do you have rooms in your house that are being used more as storage space and less as living space? Do you avoid rooms in your house due to the clutter? By clearing away the clutter you can regain valuable square footage and enjoy living in those spaces again. Let us help you make better use of the space in your home. 


Are you buying items only to find a duplicate buried in the clutter? Do you rent a storage unit to house additional possessions? By organizing your storage areas (closets, pantry, garage, basement) into functional spots, you can quickly and easily find the items you need and avoid unnecessary spending. Storage units are great to hold items temporarily, but long-term storage can be expensive. Let us help you declutter so you can use your storage spaces more effectively and save money.

Less Stress

Does the clutter in your house give you anxiety? The cost of storing items and the time needed to find them increases the stress of daily living. Let us help you find your calm so you can breathe again.

Someday Items!

We all have items in our home that we purchased for a specific purpose. Tools for the construction project that’s now complete, items for the hobby you did 15 years ago, equipment for the sport you don’t play anymore. These items are now buried in a storage room or garage. We’re reluctant to throw them out as we might use them again someday.

These are called Someday Items. Someday, this could be useful again. Someday, I might resume that hobby. Someday, someone might need this. These items, while once prominent in our lives, now take up valuable storage space.


While cleaning out my own storage room I discovered I had some Someday Items. At one point in our life, we did a lot of large group entertaining. Gradually, we accumulated extra glasses, plates, serving utensils, serving dishes and bowls, and large buckets for ice and drinks. When I found these items, all neatly packed away, I realized how long it had been since they were last used and, as our big group entertaining days are over, I conceded they had become Someday Items.


I was torn about the idea of letting them go but, as storage space is precious at my house, I knew that an edit was needed. But what if I needed them again someday? After a little research, I found I could rent most of the items from a local party supplier. It was time to let them go. 


If you have Someday Items, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have the space to continue storing this?
  • Is this an item that I could rent or borrow from a friend or relative?
  • Is there any likelihood of taking up that hobby or sport again?
  • Do I really need to keep this?

If you’d like help organizing or decluttering your Someday Items, The Organized Organizer would love to help. Contact us today!

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